Checking In With Captain Denny

While many Mega DOers spent their first night in Houston eating BBQ and the FT Awards brain trust thrashed through their final preparations, I had a chance to catch up with Captain Denny Flanagan, who’s in town to present a special award during Thursday night’s ceremony. Capt. Denny is, of course, the revered UAL 757 pilot most famous for “FlyerTalk 1,” and unlike a great many of his colleagues appears to have never doubted FlyerTalk as a force for good. “They really make a difference for the flying public,” he told me. “They’re spokespersons and investigative reporters. Do you know what a PAC is? They’re kind of like a FAC — a flying action committee.”

He’s still averaging six of his trademark dinner DOs per year, and still bringing his co-pilot and fellow pilots, “just to let them have an experience with the customer,” he said, “to hear their praise and their complaints.”

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