CNN follows the SMD2

Before heading to the airport, a quick trip to CNN who is compiling a story about the Star Mega Do 2 mileage run for an upcoming feature on CNN Money. Here I am with Poppy Harlow, CNN Money anchor on the street talking about the SMD2 and FlyerTalk. (because of the elections here’s in the U.S., they didn’t have the extra crew to send along so they gave me an “official” FlipCamera and I’ll be shooting the mileage run for their story—guess I have to give back their camera). Smile you’re on someone’s (very candid) camera.

CNN reports on FlyerTalk/Star Mega Do 2

StarMegaDo Kickoff Dinner

A few schedule changes throughout the planning mean that our first night together for the trip is an open dinner rather than restricted to only event participants. For folks in New York City on the night of October 31 please feel free to join us at 8:30pm for dinner at Patsy’s on 23rd Street between 8th & 9th Avenues. For more details check out the discussion on FLyerTalk here:

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