Here… We… Go!

It’s 6:15 AM, and most of the Mega DO is eating breakfast in the Terminal E President’s Club before their 7 AM departure to PHX aboard CO 1905. There’s not much to say about last night’s first Frequent Traveler Awards that hasn’t already been said on FlyerTalk or at the awards site itself, other than that it was an unqualified success and that the after-party ran a little bit late for a 5 AM (in coach), 5:30 (in Randy, Tommy, and “Marty” class) or 5:45 AM (in first) wakeup call.

Check in throughout the day for coverage of the ride in each class, along with reports from US Airways in Phoenix and the Boeing assembly line at Paine Field. The last day of SMD 2010 will no doubt be the longest!

How Not To Visit A Lufthansa A380

(Instructions from our tour guide during the bus ride to the A380 hangar.)

“Don’t bring anything onboard the A380 you would bring on a plane…like guns or bombs or anything.”

“Do not use the bathrooms onboard the A380. I know the A380 bathrooms are spectacular, but they are only for looking today.”

“Do not take anything off the A380s. Leave the seats there, and when we’re sitting down… well we shouldn’t sit down. If you sit down, leave your seat as if you have never been there.”

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