Registration for StarMegado 2 is now open!

Registration for our 2010 event is now open. Use this URL to sign up.

Please take a moment to carefully go through all the information on the FT master thread (posts 1-6) and the text in the form.

After filling the form, the system will display you the information it received. Once that is acknowledged, you will receive an email in a few days with a link to the page where you can press a button to initiate the paypal payment process for the 100$ deposit.

Please note that you have to send the 100$ deposit via Paypal to validate the registration. If we don’t receive the deposit, your registration will be deleted. The timestamp of submitting the form with the registration will count for all matters where we have restrictions (F/Y choice, seating, etc)

The registration form is primarily for the charter and the deposit will be applied to the charter only. We will use the information in the form to make reservations for you at the event hotels and prepare the group reservations for the scheduled flights. You will pay the hotel yourself when you stay there. The scheduled flights will be ticketed by the airlines after you confirm the booked flights and provide us a method of payment.

The dinners and events are planned to be sponsored by the participating airlines and hotels. However, the dinner at the frequent traveller awards will have to be paid by yourself. The reason for this is that the award ceremony is not only attended by the Starmegado participants and the organization is done by a separate entity. The price for this dinner is going to be approximately 35$ which will include some drinks. The exact details for this will be announced once the sponsors confirm their participation.

In that spirit we’re looking forward to your responses and seeing you all again at the event in less than five months!

Regards Oliver, Tommy, Reb & Seth

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