Pillow Fight

Here’s the action onboard the flight: a FlyerTalk pillow fight at 33,000 feet. At the end, some 150 pillows from coach were headed to first class.

We take, we give

One of the highlights of the Star Mega Do 2 is the charity raffle that took place on the leg between PHX-SEA. Among the many prizes were model aircrafts, first class amenity kits, Bose headsets, several Five Guys hamburger gift certificates and an iPad.
The GREAT news is that nearly $7,000 was raised for various charities that this SMD2 will donate to by the sales of raffle tickets onboard.
Very cool.
Among the winners? The Captain of the plane won the iPad.
We take a lot from the industry (miles, points and upgrades), but we also give back.

How Not To Visit A Lufthansa A380

(Instructions from our tour guide during the bus ride to the A380 hangar.)

“Don’t bring anything onboard the A380 you would bring on a plane…like guns or bombs or anything.”

“Do not use the bathrooms onboard the A380. I know the A380 bathrooms are spectacular, but they are only for looking today.”

“Do not take anything off the A380s. Leave the seats there, and when we’re sitting down… well we shouldn’t sit down. If you sit down, leave your seat as if you have never been there.”

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