OK, how do you spell this event?

Days away from yet another fab events by the committee of flying pleasure, I stopped in on the “official” thread for the “It Really Does Have a Real Name” Do on FlyerTalk and have begun to compile a list of the various names by which this event is being called, referred to and even spelled (Hey, I made a name for myself by learning to pay attention to the fine print).

So, here’s how you and I can refer to this event. Take your pick, we really can’t be wrong:

  1. StarmegaDO 2010
  2. StarMegaDo
  3. StarMegaDo 2010
  4. Star Alliance Mega DO
  5. 2010 Star Alliance Mega DO
  6. Mega
  7. SMD2
  8. Starmegado
  9. Star MegaDO
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