Inside the A380 final assembly building

It has been a few days since my last post about the A380 factory tour and most of faculties have finally returned.  You’ve seen many of the pictures already but I also have some video shot inside the factory with Richard Carcaillet, the Director of Product Marketing for the A380.  He talks about some of the details on the final assembly, demand for the A380 and assembly time, as well as the value proposition for the aircraft.

There are also a couple videos from inside the mock-up center.  Airbus uses the facility to show off interior design options to customers from seating arrangements to overhead bins to trim details.  I never thought I’d see eleven different cabin configurations on a single plane but there they were in the A380 mock-up.  Very cool stuff, though sadly no photos allowed inside the mock-ups.  Still pretty interesting.

See Willi in the snow

Willi, the Condor Boeing 757-300 chartered for the Mega DO, is enjoying the snow in Oslo.

The Mega DO Express Stops In OSL

Willi and Mega DO participants in Oslo

Pictures courtesy of perlman and nickpiggot via Twitpic.

Mr. DeVille, I’m ready for my close-up

As part of this week’s events a number of reporters have joined the events.  It turns out that I know one of them through my brother-in-law (that was a strange coincidence to discover, especially after we had talked for a couple hours) and they are all working the story on various angles.  Just who are these crazy folks that love to travel so much?  Are there really people who spend every week on the road and then go out of our way to travel more when work stops sending us on the road?

Yes, these people really exist, and they are us.

One of the crews working such a story arranged for a photographer and the associated support staff to be available to shoot a photograph related to their story.  I participated in that event and we had a blast.  I cannot share the name of the publication or the real details of the shoot as of yet, but I’ve been told to expect the article and photo to be published in the February issue of the publication and you can be sure that I’ll be sharing more of that once it is official.

In the meantime, here are a couple shots of our group relaxing before and after the shoot.


And, just for fun, a cool shot of one of the interior lobbies in Lufthansa’s headquarters near Frankfurt airport.


Announcement: The Mega Do Program Schedule Will Be Posted This Evening

The schedule of events for the Star Alliance Mega DO will be posted this evening.  Please stay tuned to the private participant web site for the time and logistical information.

Founder of Top Online Travel Community to Select One Person For Real ‘Up in the Air’ Experience

Congrats to ConciergeMike for winning this great opportunity from Randy!

Founder of Top Online Travel Community to Select One Person For

Real ‘Up in the Air’ Experience

Recipient Will Join 300 Of The World’s Top Frequent Flyers On Unique European Trip

Colorado Springs, Colo. (PRWEB) October 9, 2009 — Imagine an online community consisting of hundreds of thousands of George Clooney’s and Vera Farmiga’s discussing frequent flyer miles and travel all day every day and you will get a pretty good idea of what, the world’s most popular frequent flyer community, is all about.

FlyerTalk’s founder, Randy Petersen, announced today an opportunity for one member of the community to enjoy a true frequent flyer “Up In The Air” experience, as popularized in the upcoming film. The lucky recipient will be flown from their hometown to Frankfurt, Germany, where they will join 300 of the world’s most frequent flyers for a host of events, including:

  • A tour of the Lufthansa flight training facility
  • Dinner with Jaan Albrecht, CEO of the Star Alliance
  • A flight to Oslo, Norway and a special event to be held in an SAS hangar
  • A flight to Toulouse, France for an exclusive tour of the Airbus factory (including the new Airbus A380)

“This is another in a years-long line of amazing events entirely organized by the members of FlyerTalk,” said Petersen. “I’m proud to have founded this community, but I’m even more proud to call myself a member, and am glad to have this opportunity to give back and allow one more person to experience all that FlyerTalk has to offer, on me.”

The event, dubbed by FlyerTalk members as the Star Alliance Mega DO, is scheduled Nov. 3-6 and will also include a number of social events with executives from United, Continental, SAS, and Lufthansa.

Much like the characters in the soon-to-be-released movie, “Up In The Air”, the participants in this event are all frequent flyer aficionados. Though FlyerTalk is primarily an online community, members organize hundreds of in-person events each year all around the world. While most FlyerTalk events are smaller affairs, some, like this Star Alliance Mega DO, are actively supported by the airline, hotel, and/or credit card programs.

“FlyerTalk is fortunate to be one of the first and only online travel communities where representatives from the industry participate directly and interact with members,” said Petersen. “The frequent flyers learn from the industry reps, and vice versa, and both enjoy contributing to and participating in these fun events. After all, at the end of the day it’s all about making the most of travel, and of life.”

Petersen’s announcement was made on FlyerTalk, of course - is a product of Frequent Flyer Services and is included in the award-winning Frequent Flyer Network of sites, which also includes,,, and Frequent Flyer Services conceives, develops and markets products and services with the frequent flyer in mind and is the largest publisher of frequent flyer information in the world. Frequent Flyer Services is a privately owned company located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.



Star Alliance Mega Do 03 – 06 November 2009

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The event coordinators would like to thank all of the event partners noted above and as well as the hundreds of participants taking part in this wonderful event.  Please stop back regularly for updates and pictures!

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