I’m Falling Behind…

…on sleep and on keeping current with these posts. That’s what happens when your whirlwind evening includes workshops with Lufthansa and Star Alliance (more at USA Today on that one), dinner at Lufthansa headquarters with 76 Mega DOers and executives from across Star and the Lufthansa Group, and a nightcap (one of many) at the First Class Terminal — the first (and certainly the last) time it has ever been opened to non-HON, non-first class passengers. A truly amazing, exclusive experience. Seth will hopefully toss a few photos of the latter on the Web this morning, but more detailed posts on Tuesday night’s activities will have to wait until we’ve touched down in Houston. In the meantime, I have Tattinger Rosé to drink over breakfast at the First Class Terminal. See you on the other side.

A Mega Simulator opportunity

This year’s Star Mega Do is not just about shmoozing and tours. There are a few special opportunities that will be made available only to subsets of the group. One of these is the opportunity to visit Lufthansa Flight Training’s Airline Training Center Arizona (ATCA). This is the facility that the carrier uses to train their pilots and, well, it is going to be a phenomenal experience. It will also be limited to only 20 participants of the 200 who are on the trip.

The participants going to the ATCA will experience the following:

  • Briefing about the ATCA on the bus ride over to Goodyear, AZ
  • A tour behind the scenes of the flight training center
  • A look into the various aircraft they have on site
  • Briefing about the simulators
  • A simple Beechcraft — F33A Bonanza simulator flight for each participant with an instructor

The 20 ATCA slots will be assigned through a silent auction. The entire proceeds will go to the Helpalliance. HelpAlliance was founded in 1999 by staff members from all parts of the Lufthansa Group. It is a voluntary, non-denominational, politically independent organization.

In order to submit a bid, please email me the amount you would like to donate to the Helpalliance in order to be in the group visiting the ATCA. Bids should be emailed in USD or EUR to airbusdo@gmail.com. The cut-off time to submit bids is Oct 29 Friday noon NYC time.

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