Field trip in First Class

I’m pretty sure that the first class service on today’s LH440 from Frankfurt to Houston was not typical. With eight people hanging out in two of the seats upstairs at one point it was much more reminiscent of a field trip than a flight. Even with the extra bodies up there is was a quite fun and pleasant experience.


As we sat around sharing travel stories and canapés it was an opportunity to truly enjoy some of the best that air travel has to offer. At triple the normal capacity seated in the first class beds, it was still quite a bit more comfortable than my assigned seat in the economy cabin. And the food and beverage choices were definitely a few steps above.


There was plenty of champagne to be had, as well as a few bottles of Baileys consumed, several beers and a glass or two of Johnnie Walker Blue, and that was just during the bit of the flight that I was invited up to visit.

The food spread was quite impressive, too. From finger sandwiches to fresh fruit to a quite impressive caviar presentation, everything I saw was top notch.


Oh, and some fun with the amenity kits, too:

P1050237  P1050233

It really did seem much more like summer camp or a field trip than a 10 hour flight across the Atlantic.

StarMegaDo Blog Reaches The World #smd2010

The Star Alliance Mega Do 2010 Blog has drawn media, corporate and enthusiast interest from all over the world, with 1000s of unique hits per day from all corners of the world:

The sponsors, partners, event coordinators and blog editors thank everyone for their interest in and will continue to provide fun and interesting insight to this week’s events through this blog, FaceBook and Twitter.

Star Mega Do 2 Happy Hour in Stockholm: 3 May

No, it isn’t an official part of the main trip, but for folks in the Stockholm area interested in having a few drinks and chatting about SMD2 with one of the organizers, Tommy is going to be drinking in Stockholm on Monday, May 3, 2010, and you’re all invited. No guarantees that it will be as much fun as the official launch party last week, but there’s a pretty good chance of fun and just a bit of troublemaking.

Scandic Anglais, Humlegårdsgatan 23
102 44 Stockholm
Time: 9PM–

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