Shower, breakfast and a beer at the Lufthansa Welcome Lounge

As we boarded the flight out of JFK last night we were treated to a bit of good and bad news. The flight time would be only 6:20 across to Frankfurt. Less sleep, but an early arrival so more lounge time once we did arrive. Win some, lose some.

IMG_0452The flight was reasonably pleasant and included a couple attempts (mostly unsuccessful) by Tommy to convince folks on board that Fernet Branca is not the devil’s elixir. I am decidedly in the not convinced camp but that didn’t stop me from joining the group in a toast or two.  IMG_0455

Upon arrival we headed down to the Welcome Lounge in Frankfurt airport. With a few dozen showers and a pretty nice breakfast spread, the lounge is a great place to finish up a flight and to start your day in Frankfurt. Keeping with my personal time-honored tradition for fighting jetlag, I poured myself a beer from the tap and headed down to the shower room for a refreshing soak.IMG_0472

Back upstairs for another beer, some bacon & eggs and a fresh pretzel and I’m ready to go out and have a great StarMegaDo day!

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Welcome to StarMegaDo 2010!

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  • Are you ready for an exciting flight full of your fellow frequent travelers?
  • Would you like to party while winging your way across the USA?
  • Does getting behind the scenes at airports and airplane manufacturers sound better than your normal workaday plans?
  • Would you like to earn miles at the same time?

If you answered yes to any of the above — or even paused to think about it — then StarMegaDo is for you! Our annual StarMegaDo charter flight is scheduled for November 5, 2010. This year we have chartered a Continental Boeing 757-300 to take 216 enthusiasts across the USA. We’ll be meeting with top executives from several different airlines, getting an exclusive tour at Boeing — up close and personal with the 787 and 747-8i — and getting to go behind the scenes at an airline or two along the way. Some lucky participants will even get to go through flight simulator training. StarMegaDo is the ultimate aerophile adventure and it is almost sold out.

Sign up now and reserve your spot!

Our Partners:

Starwood Lufthansa Logo Star Alliance


Oct. 31

NYC — Pre-DO party in NYC

A small gathering of food and booze to get us started for the week of festivities.

Nov. 1

NYC – Starwood Tour in NYC

SPG will put on a program in NYC.

JFK Airport — Lufthansa sendoff / party

Lufthansa will give those headed to Frankfurt a special sendoff in the Lufthansa Flagship Lounge. There will be food, beverages, and few people from Lufthansa to mingle with.

JFK Airport — Scheduled flights to Frankfurt

After lots of liquid libations in the lounge, we’ll depart for Frankfurt on three different flights. This will allow us to compare and contrast the service and on-board amenities.

Nov. 2

Frankfurt Airport — Tours and focus groups

During the afternoon and early evening, Lufthansa will host tours and focus groups with its Star Alliance partners. You will be able to peek at product, service and technology innovations currently in development.

Frankfurt Airport — Evening Events

A special dinner will be held for all event participants. There will be several special guests from The Lufthansa Group in attendance. This will be followed by a very special nightcap reception in a very special location.

Nov. 3

Frankfurt — Fly to Houston

As the day begins, event participants will get set to jet off to Houston, TX, USA for more festivities.

Nov. 4

Houston — Continental/United day in Houston

Meet with the new management of United Airlines. See the inner workings of the Houston hub, etc.

Houston — The Frequent Traveler Awards

Representing the Voice of the Frequent Traveler, The Frequent Traveler Awards represent excellence in frequent travel programs worldwide, rating the best frequent flyer and frequent guest programs across several categories. Experience the thrill of attending the award presentation in person.

The cost of this event is NOT included in the price of the StarMegaDO charter. RSVP here if you wish to attend.

Nov. 5

Houston — Fly to Phoenix

Our chartered Continental Airlines 757-300 aircraft will be waiting for us at terminal E. There will be dedicated checkin counters for our flight.

Phoenix- US Airways program

Upon arrival in Phoenix, we will park at the US Airways hangar to deplane. US Airways has a special program prepared for us. This includes meetings with Doug Parker, Chairman and CEO of US Airways as well as other members of the company’s senior management.

Phoenix — Lufthansa Flight Traning program

A select group of participants will be whisked off to Lufthansa’s nearby training facility. There, they will be given a private tour and experience how Lufthansa trains its elite pilots in the Arizona desert.

Phoenix — Flight to Paine Field, Everett, WA

In addition to other amenities, there will be an on-board raffle with a variety of great prizes.

Paine Field — A visit with Boeing

Upon landing at the Boeing factory in Everett, WA we will be given very special private tours on the factory floor. These include the 787 and 748 assembly areas and a number of surprises.

Nov. 5

Seattle — Starwood reception

Starwood welcomes the participants to a meet-and-greet reception. Participants will be able to provide feedback on future product innovations. Senior Sheraton and SPG executives will be there.

Nov. 6

SeaTac — Return flight to Houston

The cost of the charter is the same regardless of whether or not you take this flight.

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