Shower, breakfast and a beer at the Lufthansa Welcome Lounge

As we boarded the flight out of JFK last night we were treated to a bit of good and bad news. The flight time would be only 6:20 across to Frankfurt. Less sleep, but an early arrival so more lounge time once we did arrive. Win some, lose some.

IMG_0452The flight was reasonably pleasant and included a couple attempts (mostly unsuccessful) by Tommy to convince folks on board that Fernet Branca is not the devil’s elixir. I am decidedly in the not convinced camp but that didn’t stop me from joining the group in a toast or two.  IMG_0455

Upon arrival we headed down to the Welcome Lounge in Frankfurt airport. With a few dozen showers and a pretty nice breakfast spread, the lounge is a great place to finish up a flight and to start your day in Frankfurt. Keeping with my personal time-honored tradition for fighting jetlag, I poured myself a beer from the tap and headed down to the shower room for a refreshing soak.IMG_0472

Back upstairs for another beer, some bacon & eggs and a fresh pretzel and I’m ready to go out and have a great StarMegaDo day!

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Let the games begin: SMD2010 Kick-off dinner

The Westin NYC lounge had no idea we were coming. Then again, nobody ever expects the Spanish Inquisition, so maybe it was better that way.

About 30 of us suddenly descended on the Atrium Lounge on the 8th floor of the Westin NYC for drinks and snacks to celebrate StarMegaDo 2010. A significant number of the attendees are Starwood Platinum Elites so there were several bottles of arrival amenity wine on offer. After all, we’re not going to be checking them in for all the upcoming flights over the week. Plus, free wine is yummy. And getting to catch up with old friends and make new ones in a hotel lounge is a great way to spend a few hours.


Happy hour wrapped up right on time and many of the group trekked south, out of Times Square, to dinner at Le Zie. Dinner started with Prosecco and then on to red wine. And at some point in the middle there were shots of tequila and Fernet Branca. Shots during dinner is not a good idea, though I did manage to avoid dancing on the bar at the end of the night (which I was invited to do by the owner of the restaurant).



Definitely a great start to the week of crazy adventure.

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