I’m Falling Behind…

…on sleep and on keeping current with these posts. That’s what happens when your whirlwind evening includes workshops with Lufthansa and Star Alliance (more at USA Today on that one), dinner at Lufthansa headquarters with 76 Mega DOers and executives from across Star and the Lufthansa Group, and a nightcap (one of many) at the First Class Terminal — the first (and certainly the last) time it has ever been opened to non-HON, non-first class passengers. A truly amazing, exclusive experience. Seth will hopefully toss a few photos of the latter on the Web this morning, but more detailed posts on Tuesday night’s activities will have to wait until we’ve touched down in Houston. In the meantime, I have Tattinger Rosé to drink over breakfast at the First Class Terminal. See you on the other side.

Overheard on the A380

“Apparently we all can’t go inside the A380 at once so it doesn’t get too crowded. Are they aware it seats 900 people?”


“Do you want to go to the First Class Terminal in the morning?”

“The answer to that question is always yes.”


(Randy standing in coach, looking puzzled) “I’m not sure we really want to see this section. I really have no interest in this cabin.”


“Don’t worry about me; I’m never going to be down here anyways.”

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