Celebrating the generosity of StarMegaDo

One of the larger components of StarMegaDo has always been a focus on charity. The even operates on a break-even budget and any surplus has always been donated to charities associated with the airlines and other programs we work with. In addition, we hold a charity raffle on-board the charter flights, selling tickets and giving away awesome airline-related prizes (and an iPad this year because every raffle should have one, apparently).

imageToday I was fortunate to participate in one of the more enjoyable aspects of my role as an organizer. High up in the Empire State Building in New York City we are meeting with Lufthansa to present them with a donation to support Help Alliance, the primary charity affiliated with the group. This year the various events associated with StarMegaDo raised over $12,000 through several different channels and events. Of that, we are quite honored to be able to present $5,000 to the Help Alliance group.

Attending the event are Tommy Danielsen, the head of StarMegaDo, Martin Riecken, Lufthansa’s Director of Corporate Communications for the Americas and Seth Miller, Director of Communications for StarMegaDo.



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bmi joins the StarMegaDo party

StarMegaDo is happy to announce that bmi has signed on as a mileage-earning partner for the charter flights. Similar to Lufthansa and Continental, bmi will be issuing points at a flat rate for all participants of the charter flights. The points will be issued at the 100% level (4031) for Y passengers and 300% (12093) for F passengers. Status bonus for Gold and Silver members will also apply. These points will count for both award and level miles.

Representatives from bmi will also be participating in the events at Frankfurt during our stop there.

There are only a few seats left on the charter. Sign up now!

Public Charter flights operated under Title 14CFR Part 380 DOT PC 10 153 by TomOli, LLC with flights on Continental Airlines. Conditions applicable to the charter are in the operator-participant contract, available here.
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