In a really close race, the ballots have been counted and the winner of the 2010 Star Mega Do 2 swag bag recognition award goes to US Airways — everything in the bag, including the bag itself was useable. I mean, when is the last time you took home a real cactus from a mileage run? Point made!

Checking In With Captain Denny

While many Mega DOers spent their first night in Houston eating BBQ and the FT Awards brain trust thrashed through their final preparations, I had a chance to catch up with Captain Denny Flanagan, who’s in town to present a special award during Thursday night’s ceremony. Capt. Denny is, of course, the revered UAL 757 pilot most famous for “FlyerTalk 1,” and unlike a great many of his colleagues appears to have never doubted FlyerTalk as a force for good. “They really make a difference for the flying public,” he told me. “They’re spokespersons and investigative reporters. Do you know what a PAC is? They’re kind of like a FAC — a flying action committee.”

He’s still averaging six of his trademark dinner DOs per year, and still bringing his co-pilot and fellow pilots, “just to let them have an experience with the customer,” he said, “to hear their praise and their complaints.”

bmi joins the StarMegaDo party

StarMegaDo is happy to announce that bmi has signed on as a mileage-earning partner for the charter flights. Similar to Lufthansa and Continental, bmi will be issuing points at a flat rate for all participants of the charter flights. The points will be issued at the 100% level (4031) for Y passengers and 300% (12093) for F passengers. Status bonus for Gold and Silver members will also apply. These points will count for both award and level miles.

Representatives from bmi will also be participating in the events at Frankfurt during our stop there.

There are only a few seats left on the charter. Sign up now!

Public Charter flights operated under Title 14CFR Part 380 DOT PC 10 153 by TomOli, LLC with flights on Continental Airlines. Conditions applicable to the charter are in the operator-participant contract, available here.
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