Celebrating the generosity of StarMegaDo

One of the larger components of StarMegaDo has always been a focus on charity. The even operates on a break-even budget and any surplus has always been donated to charities associated with the airlines and other programs we work with. In addition, we hold a charity raffle on-board the charter flights, selling tickets and giving away awesome airline-related prizes (and an iPad this year because every raffle should have one, apparently).

imageToday I was fortunate to participate in one of the more enjoyable aspects of my role as an organizer. High up in the Empire State Building in New York City we are meeting with Lufthansa to present them with a donation to support Help Alliance, the primary charity affiliated with the group. This year the various events associated with StarMegaDo raised over $12,000 through several different channels and events. Of that, we are quite honored to be able to present $5,000 to the Help Alliance group.

Attending the event are Tommy Danielsen, the head of StarMegaDo, Martin Riecken, Lufthansa’s Director of Corporate Communications for the Americas and Seth Miller, Director of Communications for StarMegaDo.



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Starwood steps up for Star Mega Do 2010

As the official hotel brand of Star Mega Do 2010 the participation of Starwood Preferred Guest in the week’s events was never in doubt. Nor was earning of SPG points for stays booked as part of the event. But there was a small amount of unknown about just what special benefits the brand would bring to the program. At least part of that question has been answered with an announcement last night.

Starwood will be providing all paid rooms with 1000 bonus SPG points per night for stays booked on the discounted group rate throughout the week. These points are in addition to any other benefits, earnings and promotions that would be accrued through stays at the properties. In addition, Starwood is offering an instant status match to Platinum, the top tier in the SPG program, for top tier folks in other major programs. Enrollment for this match is expected to be available in August.

Combined with the commitment from Continental and Lufthansa to issue miles for the charter portion of the trip – and we’re still working with other Star Alliance carriers to secure their participation as well – the earning potential for the event is significant. It is still outweighed by the behind-the-scenes experiences that all participants will get to participate in, but certainly a nice little bonus.

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