More Starwood news for Star Mega Do 2010

Starwood Hotels, the official hotel partners for Star Mega Do 2010, have announced some additional promotions for the event. On top of the previously announced 1,000 bonus points per room per night for all participants that was previously announced, here are some other benefits that participants can enjoy:

  • Everyone participating will get Gold status comped immediately: For folks who do not hold status with other programs this is a great way to jump in to the SPG program and get a feel for their into level elite tier. You’ll earn bonus points on all stays, have access to some room upgrades and other benefits.
  • Platinum status match if desired & eligible: For folks who currently hold a top-tier status in a different hotel loyalty chain, Starwood will match this status to their Platinum level. SPG Platinum Preferred members earn even more points per stay, are eligible for suite upgrades in some cases and receive complimentary high-speed internet access at properties where it is normally a paid service. A welcome gift upon arrival at the hotel, complimentary gym access and the Platinum Concierge are also part of the benefits. This status match is subject to the regular SPG one-time only restrictions.
  • Current Platinums will get goodies as well, but it will be a surprise presented later: We’re not in a position to announce the exact details of these benefits publicly yet, but believe me when I say they are quite choice. If you have the means I highly recommend it.

There’s still more to come. every time it seems we cannot make the event better another partner steps up to prove us wrong. We’re almost sold out – only 30 seats remaining – so sign up now and join the fun!

The status match benefits will be valid through the 2011 program year.

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