Group Rate Booking for the Sheraton IAH hotel is now open

The special StarMegaDo group rate at the Sheraton IAH ($99/night+tax) is now available for booking. You must use this link when making your reservation in order to get the special 1000 bonus Starpoints per room per night from Starwood for event participants.

The group rate is available for the nights of November 3 & 4, 2010. The Frequent Traveler Awards ceremony will be held November 4th, and the hotel is expected to be sold out then. Please book now to avoid disappointment.

Registration for StarMegado 2 is now open!

Registration for our 2010 event is now open. Use this URL to sign up.

Please take a moment to carefully go through all the information on the FT master thread (posts 1-6) and the text in the form.

After filling the form, the system will display you the information it received. Once that is acknowledged, you will receive an email in a few days with a link to the page where you can press a button to initiate the paypal payment process for the 100$ deposit.

Please note that you have to send the 100$ deposit via Paypal to validate the registration. If we don’t receive the deposit, your registration will be deleted. The timestamp of submitting the form with the registration will count for all matters where we have restrictions (F/Y choice, seating, etc)

The registration form is primarily for the charter and the deposit will be applied to the charter only. We will use the information in the form to make reservations for you at the event hotels and prepare the group reservations for the scheduled flights. You will pay the hotel yourself when you stay there. The scheduled flights will be ticketed by the airlines after you confirm the booked flights and provide us a method of payment.

The dinners and events are planned to be sponsored by the participating airlines and hotels. However, the dinner at the frequent traveller awards will have to be paid by yourself. The reason for this is that the award ceremony is not only attended by the Starmegado participants and the organization is done by a separate entity. The price for this dinner is going to be approximately 35$ which will include some drinks. The exact details for this will be announced once the sponsors confirm their participation.

In that spirit we’re looking forward to your responses and seeing you all again at the event in less than five months!

Regards Oliver, Tommy, Reb & Seth

Help Alliance check presentation

Help Alliance check presentation

During the charter flights, we held an on-board raffle to raise money for charity. On Friday, November 20, 2009, we delivered the first check from this campaign. It was a check for $3000, given to the Help Alliance, a charity run by Lufthansa staff members. An overview of all Help Alliance projects can be found here. The money raised for Help Alliance during the StarMegaDO is being put to use in a school project in South Africa. FlyerTalkers will be able to follow the status of the project as it progresses, and even participate more directly.

Many more event pictures now available!


We’ve created a special picture blog of photos from the events. Visit them visit them here:

Feel free to click on the pictures and post comments, or select some for downloading.

On-board raffle totals

Money raised from the on-board raffle

Money raised from the on-board raffle

We mentioned earlier how generous everyone was during the on-board raffle. The picture above says quite a bit, but I also wanted to provide some numbers to show how remarkable it really was. During the course of the OSL-TLS flight, and the first part of the TLS-FRA flight we sold 1887 raffle tickets. Some people bought three, some 50 or 60. Some people just put money into my hands as a donation and told me not to bother giving them tickets. A few even gave us additional items to raffle off. Not knowing what to expect going into this, I was floored by the response. But that soon led to a bit of worry — that not everyone who wanted to participate would be able to do so. You see, I started selling tickets in the first row, moving toward the back of the aircraft. So many people were buying so many tickets that I wondered whether there would be any left to sell when I finally reached row 50. We had started with a 2000 ticket roll. By the time ticket sales were over, there were just 113 tickets left unsold.

The total amount of money collected was as follows:

  • € 1735
  • $ 2035
  • $C 50
  • £ 20

At today’s exchange rate for US Dollars, that comes to just over $4700.

A hearty thank you to all who participated! We will soon be providing more information on the distribution of the money.

Checkin for the CO events has begun!

Checkin for the Newark events has begun, with our own CO Insider and his trust sidekick Shannon registering participants. The group is still gathering. We’ll be touring visiting the operations tower, the maintenance facility, and Chelsea kitchens…

Welcome to the StarMegaDO blog!

We have worked hard to put together this blog. We aim to allow those not fortunate enough to participate in this event the ability to follow along with the rest of us. I am sure you will find it informative.

Special thanks to MBM3 for assistance with the blog!

Event participants will still be able to find the participant site via a link at the top right of the main blog page.

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