SMD 2010 Trip Report: IAH-PHX

“This is your plane,” our purser, “Luke Skywaiter” announced at the beginning of the flight, and 180+ FlyerTalkers took full possession shortly into the flight. Our charter this year is a four-class plane — First, Tommy, Randy, and Coach — and it quickly became apparent that Randy Class was the place to be. Maybe it was the exit rows (the preferred habitat of Randy Petersen), maybe it was the t-shirt (in hot pink, reading “Come sit with me”) or maybe it was the freebies (the industry trade magazines, the rolleyes buttons, the hundred dollar bills — “I love my Benjamins,” Randy said, making a cash fan) but it was probably the champagne. Perfectly positioned in the middle of the plane, they were able to intercept any bottles coming or going. Asked how they were doing, one seat mate replied “Drunk, I think, or we’re getting there.”

In contrast to the inaugural Star Mega Do, where the perks in First Class made it the place to be, this morning’s First and Tommy Class (i.e. coach with the middle seat blocked and a Veuve Cliquot flight first thing in the morning) were more sedate, populated with sleepers and readers. This left coach to be the other hotspot, where Capt. Denny, Scott O’Leary and other industry guests gamely endured the world’s largest aerial cocktail party.

The silliness spilled over to the crew. When they weren’t busy refilling glasses, they were fighting on the PA:

“It’s not my fault pterodactyls died and you had to start flying on airplanes.”

“Hey, I’m only ten years older than you!”

On a more sober note, the charity raffle had raised $3,207 midway through the flight, well on its way to the target of $5,000.

Now that we’re on the ground in PHX, it’s time to visit US Airways (and for a fortunate few, Lufthansa’s training center). Art Pushkin and USIrritated are cracking their knuckles…

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