Star Mega Do 2 Happy Hour in Stockholm: 3 May

No, it isn’t an official part of the main trip, but for folks in the Stockholm area interested in having a few drinks and chatting about SMD2 with one of the organizers, Tommy is going to be drinking in Stockholm on Monday, May 3, 2010, and you’re all invited. No guarantees that it will be as much fun as the official launch party last week, but there’s a pretty good chance of fun and just a bit of troublemaking.

Scandic Anglais, Humlegårdsgatan 23
102 44 Stockholm
Time: 9PM–

A Mega itinerary for a Mega Do!

This past Friday night the itinerary for the 2010 Star Mega Do was announced at a party in Marina del Ray, California. The room was packed with veterans from the 2009 edition and other FlyerTalkers who all wanted to be involved in the event as well as folks looking for a good party out on the West coast. Some of the photos suggest there were upwards of 50 folks crowded into the room for the event; the bar tab suggests even more. Either way, this luck group was the first to hear the official news.

IMGP0845 IMGP0854 IMGP0859 

And now that I’ve recovered from the rather vicious hangover (Marty, I’m gonna get even!) here’s the itinerary for everyone else to chew on:

Monday, November 1

JFK-FRA: We expect that to be on the LH A380 though the aircraft is not yet confirmed to be on that route.

Tuesday, November 2

Arrive FRA. Party with *A and LH in FRA.

*For folks starting in Europe you will be invited to join on Tuesday evening

Wednesday, November 3

FRA-IAH. Arrive IAH and dinner with CO.
*For folks who want to only do the USA part of the event you’ll be joining us in IAH for the dinner or tomorrow morning for the tours.

Thursday, November 4

CO tours in IAH.

Thursday, November 4 – Evening

The First Annual Frequent Traveler Awards!
Built on the legacy of The Freddies, the FT Awards will allow the community to honor the loyalty programs that make everything we do just a bit more fun.

Friday, November 5

Charter flight!
IAH-PHX: Meet with US Airways in PHX
PHX-PAE: Fly in to an airport that doesn’t really see traditional commercial service (cool new dot/line) and go on a special tour of the Boeing factory where the 747-8i is being built.
Party in Seattle area Friday night

Saturday, November 6

Charter flight back to either Chicago or Houston, depending on which aircraft we end up chartering.

We thought we had figured out the details of which aircraft we’d be using for the charter but we had a last minute entrant from another carrier that is interested in providing us with that service. So we are still working out the details and hope to have more specific pricing and an answer to which aircraft we’ll be using (747, MD-11 or 753/73E/738s) in the very near future.

Regarding pricing of the event, we expect that the charter price point will be at or below last year’s price. Depending on the aircraft selected there will be a mix of F, C, E+ and E- available. The TATL flights will be about the same price in Y (~$600) and will be more expensive in C (~$3000).

We’re getting a great rate with Starwood for the hotels along the way and there will likely be a Fast Track promo for status associated with it.

Star Mega Do 2: Another wild ride!

Things have been a bit quiet on the Star Mega Do front lately, but only on the public side. In the background our crew has been toiling away day and night putting together an itinerary that will knock you socks off. Tonight, at 6pm PDT in Los Angeles, California, the itinerary will be unveiled and the details shared. If you’re in town (or one of the ~75 folks traveling in just for the party) you can join us at Tony P’s in Marina del Ray to hear the details in person. If you cannot be there, I’ll drink your share and still manage to post here what’s going on.

Will there be long-haul flights full of partying aerophiles? You bet!

Charter aircraft with custom catering and ridiculous antics? It wouldn’t be a Star Mega Do without those bits!

Surprises that I’m pretty sure you cannot guess yet? Absolutely!

The party tonight is going to be great and the party on the planes is going to be even better. Get ready, because you’re not going to want to miss this event!

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