On-board raffle totals

Money raised from the on-board raffle

Money raised from the on-board raffle

We mentioned earlier how generous everyone was during the on-board raffle. The picture above says quite a bit, but I also wanted to provide some numbers to show how remarkable it really was. During the course of the OSL-TLS flight, and the first part of the TLS-FRA flight we sold 1887 raffle tickets. Some people bought three, some 50 or 60. Some people just put money into my hands as a donation and told me not to bother giving them tickets. A few even gave us additional items to raffle off. Not knowing what to expect going into this, I was floored by the response. But that soon led to a bit of worry — that not everyone who wanted to participate would be able to do so. You see, I started selling tickets in the first row, moving toward the back of the aircraft. So many people were buying so many tickets that I wondered whether there would be any left to sell when I finally reached row 50. We had started with a 2000 ticket roll. By the time ticket sales were over, there were just 113 tickets left unsold.

The total amount of money collected was as follows:

  • € 1735
  • $ 2035
  • $C 50
  • £ 20

At today’s exchange rate for US Dollars, that comes to just over $4700.

A hearty thank you to all who participated! We will soon be providing more information on the distribution of the money.

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