A party on neutral ground

Following the long day of flights and tours Lufthansa was gracious enough to host us for a night cap in the Tower Lounge near gate A65 at Frankfurt International Airport.  This is one of their newer lounges and it is quite impressive.  It also is outside of the Schengen border control zone.  That meant all 200 of us had to pass though immigration to attend the party.  Fortunately they had warned the border police about our plans so there were a couple guys there ready to work with us.

At that point we were no longer really in Germany from an immigration perspective.  But we weren’t really anywhere else, either.  We were essentially nowhere and having a phenomenal time!

And then, about an hour later when the lounge closed, it was back into Germany and another pass through the border check and another stamp on the passport.  We visited two countries during the day – Norway and France – and did it with nary a glance at most passports.  But to get to a party 500 meters from the gate took two stamps.  Certainly strange, but also a great story.

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