A warm welcome at the United Red Carpet Club

The first stop on the official Star Mega Do itinerary was a reception in the Red Carpet Club for the 40-odd folks who made the trip to Chicago.  In addition to the usual snack fare there were some additional breakfast options available.  Plus some goodies, including luggage tags and copies of the book on the history of United Airlines.  All good stuff.

SBM_0667 SBM_0665

Goodies in the RCC!

We were fortunate to have a number of executives roaming the room, including the folks in charge of the Mileage Plus program and the Red Carpet Clubs.  The RCCs are expecting to see major renovations in the coming year or two, at least in the hub cities, to bring them up to the design standard of the new O’Hare B18 lounge.  That’s great news, even if it does mean that some of the lounges will be shut down at various points in time.


Graham Atkinson addresses the group

The news from Mileage Plus is equally interesting though I suppose the actual value of the changes will depend both on what they actually are – the execs were quite tight-lipped on that aspect – but they are working diligently with the United IT group to make the necessary back-end changes happen.


The trippy lights in the ORD B-C tunnel

We also got to meet the pilot for our trip – Bob Hart – and chat with him about the flight plan and his job in general.  Not to be outdone by one of his colleagues, Captain Denny Flanagan showed up on his day off to socialize with the FlyerTalk group, A group in which he is quite well known as an all-around great guy.

IMG_1557 SBM_0687

Captain Denny Flanagan with Freddie, Jr. (l) and Captain Bob Hart signing books for the crowd (r)

SBM_0682There was much socializing, meeting of new friends and reconnecting with existing friends.  It was also the first opportunity that Randy Petersen, the founder of FlyerTalk and frequent flyer guru, had to meet with the winner of the contest he sponsored for a seat on the trip.  Mike Holovacs of New Jersey is the lucky winner and he is joining the party gratis and flying in the front of the cabin the whole way through.  Truly an amazing prize to win.

After the meet & greet we headed out into, above and beneath the terminal for tours of the operations and other behind the scenes stuff.  Look for that report coming soon!

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